It Never Ends

April 18, 2008 at 6:57 pm Leave a comment

I don’t know how many times I have heard my wife say, “Ugh! It never ends!” She says this almost always at night, after the day’s activities have come to a close and it is time to go to bed. She surveys the house and sees most everything she had worked on that day undone by our horde of fairly well-behaved, creative and/or messy children. Dishes, clothes, homework, toys, you name it – whatever it is, it’s out of place – again. It’s a pattern that just never ends. Frustrating? Yes. Discouraging? Always. Fixable? Sure. Intriguing? Often!

While most things are simply out of place and need to be put away, there is often some strange creation or mystery mess that baffles us. Who was behind it? What was the purpose? When did it happen? Where were we? These are all fair questions.

For instance, when exactly did the jar of bees wind up on the dining room table? Whose idea was it to string 200 feet of yarn between every hook and knob in our bedroom? Where were we when the neighbor kids were “helping” paint a “stool” with oils?

So, while the messes never seem to end, neither does the creativity that goes with them. Which, I suppose is more than a fair trade-off.


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