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Sometimes the simple stuff gets a bit complex.  Take dessert for example.  Usually dessert is one of those simpler things that makes everyone feel good.  However, getting to the everyone feeling good moment can take some doing.  Here’s how…

9:30am:  Grandma is excited about a dessert her friend Jan is making for tonight – it sound really yummy.

Noonish:  Grandma mentions that the dessert needs to be picked up from Jan’s at 4:30.

3:10pm: Grandma hands me a note with Jan’s address and a pickup window (4:15-4:30).  Grandma is going to town with the girls and won’t be back for awhile.  Someone needs to pick up the dessert.  I am the chosen one.  Grandma explains where Jan’s house is, how to get there, etc…  I’m on the job.  I finish my chat with #1 and drift off for a nap.

3:50pm:  I wake up.

3:55pm:  Grandma calls my cell phone to make sure I know where I am going.

4:10pm:  Time to go.  Mom has my keys and the car.  #2 can’t find his car keys.  I call mom (shopping with Grandma).  She doesn’t have his keys.  We look around for keys.  Can’t find them.

4:20pm:  Screw it – I am taking Grandma’s car.  #3 decides to come with.  Off we go.  We can make it before 4:30.

4:26pm:  I’m about a quarter mile from Jan’s house.  Aunt J calls me, somewhat apologetically, to tell me that Uncle K has already picked up the dessert.  She thinks he probably tried to call me to let me know.  Sure enough, Uncle K left voicemail about 2 minutes ago informing me that he had indeed picked up the dessert already.  I turn around and go back to Grandma’s house.

4:58pm:  Jan calls Grandma’s house and says “whoever picked up the dessert only picked up one pan.  You’re probably wondering what I was thinking making so little, but there is another pan.  I can bring it over.”  I tell Jan not to worry and that I would be right over.  I jump in Grandma’s car and off I go, again.  I am going to complete this mission!

5:08pm:  Jan greets me at her door and I am happily assaulted by her 400 pound yellow lab.  She introduces me to her husband who, as it turns out, has been pivotal in this ordeal.  Apparently, when Uncle K clairvoyantly decided to go pick up the dessert and then tell me that I didn’t need to when I was on my way to do the same thing, Jan’s husband gave him only ONE pan of dessert.  As I stood in Jan’s kitchen, her husband was still maintaining he only thought there was one pan of dessert.  No time for excuses – Jan gave me the other pan and I trustfully bring it back and put it into the garage freezer.

5:54pm:  Still no sign of Uncle K or the other pan of dessert…


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Overheard – secondhand Maggie

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  • 1. Kyle "Uncle K" Olund  |  July 11, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    Yummmmm. The other pan of dessert was great. Just kidding. Pan #1 (since I picked that one up first) is safely in the freezer next to #2. Like a well-oiled machine, we two brothers-in-law work.


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