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Wordless Wednesday – Thanksgiving Edition



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13 going on ??



So I was just looking outside while on the phone with my sister.

#4, who is a) in 8th grade and b) currently grounded, had some friends over.  (I know – it doesn’t sound like punishment if he is allowed to have friends over, but trust me on this one.)  You know how sometimes things don’t seem funny until you’re describing them to someone else?  Here was the scene…

There were three very awkward 8th grade boys and two very cute 8th grade girls playing a game on the trampoline.  The game appeared to involve the following:

  • the boys and girls shove each other down (or tackle, in a couple instances)
  • the boys and girls help each other up
  • the boys and girls shove each other down and kick each other.

My best guess is that a year from now the girls won’t want to play this game with the boys anymore.

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Makeup by RoseArt


Today I did something I had never thought of before.  And I swear I’m not making this up.

I was so on top of things this morning.  I got out the door with the kids an hour early to go vote.  Since I was going to be working all morning at the book fair, the girls and I decided Starbucks would be a fun before-school treat.  We settled in with our hot chocolate, free coffee, and Math homework.

Just as we were getting our things together, I had the sudden realization that I had never finished putting makeup on this morning!  The girls were happy to verify this for me, which made me a little self-conscious.  Alas, my eyebrows and eyelashes are invisible without makeup.

Well (stick with me – this is where the pace picks up), on the way to school in the car, I managed to find a Sharpie in my purse, which I used as mascara.  And #5 dug a brown colored pencil out of her back pack, which served as a scratchy eyebrow pencil.  It wasn’t exactly a professional makeup job, but can you believe my resourcefulness?  I am a cosmetic MacGyver!


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Halloween fun (and attitude)

Zombie Princess (cuz you gotta be a princess or a fairy or a ballerina)

Pippi Longstocking (how easy can you get?)

#3, the 1970s high school soccer player with facial hair, and his best friend, The Joker

#5 (on the left) said, “Do I look like Helen?”

We’re done for another year.

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