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That’s it, he’s grounded… Wait, what?


A few months ago, #2 picked up a serious strain of senioritis.  He’s continually assured us that he would pull thru and finish strong – even though edline continually said differently.  We gave him the latitude to prove to us that he could indeed pull it off, but today was the last straw.

This morning his guidance counselor called and informed us that he was at risk of not graduating – he was failing a class that was off of our radar and he was worried (like we were) about several of his other classes.

No more latitude.  We needed to structure his environment to make sure he graduated.  So, we got to work framing out #2’s grounding orders – it would need to be swift and strong.

Oh, the irony… (as seen in this text volley with him this morning)

Dad:  Come home after school and don’t go anywhere until I come home at 2:00

#2:  Why

Dad:  Mr. L just called and said you might not graduate.  I’m done messing with you and your grades.

#2:  No, I’m getting an A in Creative Writing.  I talked to Mr. P and I just need to turn my stories in so I’m not failing anymore.

Dad:  Then turn them in!  I don’t like getting calls from guidance counselors saying they are worried my kid won’t graduate and they are failing classes I didn’t know about.

#2:  Mr. L just came to see me and we talked and it’s no big deal.  So, I’m just gonna turn those in.  And, he said I can get a full ride to a local college.  So, I’m gonna to talk to him after school.  Can you pay for my application?  It’s on the computer.

Dad:  OK, good.  Let’s talk about the application later today.


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